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Comment bien choisir sa coque de protection ?

How to choose the right protective cover?

When you spend $1,000 on a smartphone, it's easy to forget that it's just a piece of technology. But that doesn't mean it can't be protected with the right case. This list will help you choose the right protective case for any situation to keep your expensive new device safe and sound!

How to choose the right protective cover?

How to choose the right protective cover?
The size

    With all the possible variants of a model, knowing the dimensions of your smartphone is the most important, especially if you make your purchase online, for this go to:

    • For iPhones : Settings > General > About > Model Name
    • For Android : Settings > About phone > Model name
    The Matter

      Silicone is a very resistant material and made to last. Thanks to this quality, the shell completely protects your mobile phone from scratches and shocks whether with another object or by falling on the ground.

      Screen protector compatibility

        To ensure compatibility, make sure the screen protector fits your case snugly. The better the fit, the more reliable the protection.

        Hull strength

          The case should offer maximum protection against shocks and impacts, while being light and thin for easy use of your device. If you want to protect your phone from damage caused by extreme usage conditions.

          What is the best material for a phone case?

            What is the best material for a phone case?
            At first, the material used for must be thick enough to ensure its protection. But also thin so that its grip is comfortable. Among all the different materials, silicone is a material that meets the most criteria.
            Indeed the latter is very effective in reducing the effects of a shock on your phone. In addition, the silicone shell is thin, waterproof and very flexible. You will have no difficulty removing it if necessary. Finally silicone is the best material for a phone case
            1. Fineness
            2. Shockproof
            3. Waterproof
            4. Very flexible

            Choose your protective cover | What is the strongest phone case?

              The strength of a hull depends on three factors:

              1. The material
              2. Thickness
              3. Design

              That's why the Diamond Silicone case is what you need to make your phone last. Designed for daily use of your Smartphone. Not only does its four reinforced corners provide a safety net for your smartphone against bumps and drops. But also its raised edges, protect the screen when you put it on a flat surface. The silicone also ensures your device is water resistant, meaning you don't have to worry about spills or rain getting into your phone. Finally the camera cover protects against scuffs and scratches. It also allows you to use your camera without having to remove the case.

              Highlights of the Diamond Silicone Case

                        1. Four reinforced corners
                        2. Camera protection
                        3. Raised edges
                        4. Ultra thin
                What is the strongest phone case?
                How to properly protect your smartphone from shocks?

                  The best way to protect your smartphone from shocks is to use these three elements:

                  1. A screen protector
                  2. A protective cover
                  3. A corded phone case
                  First, take care of your smartphone with the right accessories. Then a screen protector will resist scratches, while a shell or protective case will protect it from drops or bumps. Lastly, to hold it in when you don't want to wear anything else, try a choker and leave your hands free.
                  In conclusion, this screen protector, case and neckband combo is your smartphone's best friend. That's why by using all three products, you can ensure that your device will never have to fall again!
                  Has the hull yellowed over time?
                    No, crystalline anti-yellowing, a thin anti-oxidation layer is added to keep the shell crystal clear which does not yellow over time.

                    Does the case retain fingerprints?

                      An oleophobic layer is added to keep the shell easy to clean, this coating repels oil and other greasy substances. When you touch your phone case with your fingers, oils from your skin can be transferred to the surface of the case. If the hull does not have an oleophobic layer, these oils can build up and leave fingerprints on the hull. However, the oleophobic layer prevents this by repelling oils, making it easy to clean the case and prevent fingerprints.

                      Is the shell compatible with Hydrogel Film?

                        The cutouts are perfectly adjusted which allows it to be adapted to our Hydrogel Protect Plus films. But also to most screen protectors available on the market. Finally, this protective shell will complete the appearance of your smartphone.

                        • Are airbags really effective against falls?
                        Are airbags really effective against falls?

                        Our airbag systems are similar to the research and development of car airbag principles. This is what makes the shockproof shell and reinforced protection safer, as the whole structure can quickly expand to about 1.5 times its original size in the event of an accident.

                        What is the advantage of Diamond Silicone Case?

                        1. Reduce the risk of damaging your phone
                        2. Keep your smartphone safe
                        3. Economical because designed to be durable
                        4. Protect your laptop from bumps, scratches and cracks.
                        5. Similar quality to Spigen case or Amazon case.
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