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Hydrogel better than tempered glass, why?

Hydrogel screen protectors better than tempered glass. Why?

TheHydrogel screen protectors are made from soft TPU materials; that's why these screen protectors are more reliable and have high elasticity. The impressive feature of Hydrogel Screen Protectors is that they resist device screen bubbles and fingerprints and provide maximum protection for your device from scratches. The screen protector repairs itself in the event of severe screen scratches and is perfect for curved screens.

Verre trempé cassé

  • Unbreakable and anti-scratch
  • Quick and easy application, without bubbles
  • Perfectly adapts to curved screens and dimensions
  • Soft and pleasant touch
  • Touch functionality unchanged
  • Ultra thin, does not alter the aesthetics of the device

Another impressive feature of this protector is that the installation process is simple; you have to follow the guide, and you are done. Hydrogel screen protectors are more expensive due to their technology and material. The cost of this screen protector starts at $10, which is reasonable for your expensive phones.

Benefits of Hydrogel Screen Protector

Fairly smooth

Assez lisse

Hydrogel Screen Protectors provide a smooth experience for your device and provide edge-to-edge protection against scratches and drops.

Highly transparent

Hautement transparent

Hydrogel Screen Protectors are highly transparent and provide a better viewing experience from all angles.

Fast reaction to touch

Réaction rapide au toucher

As the Hydrogel Screen Protectors are made of a sleek and highly sensitive material, they quickly recognize every press and touch.

Bubble-free and easy to clean

Sans bulle et facile à nettoyer

Of course, the Hydrogel Screen Protector resists all bubbles from the device screen and is easy to clean with a soft cloth.

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