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Comment protéger Son Google Pixel 6a ?

How to protect your Google Pixel 6a?

THE Google Pixel 6a is a very durable phone that can withstand most abuse, but that's only in theory. Many minor accidents can cause damage.

How to protect your Google Pixel 6a | Screen protector

No one wants to spend money on a nice phone and have it ruined by trivial accidents. Save yourself money and frustration by taking a few simple steps to protect your Google Pixel 6a with Hydrogel Protect Plus:
  • Anti scratch coating
  • Quick and easy bubble-free installation
  • Protection does not affect image quality
  • Increased screen touch sensitivity
  • Reduced light reflection which makes it easier to read on the screen
  • Easy-to-clean surface

    How to protect your Google Pixel 6a | Shockproof Case

    We've listed every downside faced by protective case users to design the best protective case for 2023:
    • Protection: It offers reinforced protection on the corners and photo optics, to avoid scratches and accidental shocks.
    • Cost : The diamond silicone shockproof case is generally less expensive than metal or tempered glass protective cases, making it an affordable option for users looking for extra protection for their phone.
    • Weight : The soft silicone material makes it lightweight yet strong, so it won't add significant weight to your phone, which you'll especially appreciate when taking photos or videos.
    • Getting started: The shockproof case has a solid construction that makes it easy to hold, so you can enjoy your mobile without fear of dropping or damaging it.
    • Access to ports and buttons: With precise cutouts that allow access to all of your phone's functions, the diamond silicone case is designed to allow easy access to your phone's ports and buttons.
    • Quality of materials: Made of high quality silicone, it is lightweight, thin and fits your phone like a second skin, making it shock and scratch resistant for long lasting protection.
    • Compatibility with certain accessories: The case is compatible with most accessories, including car mounts and bike mounts.
    • Aesthetic : The transparent design gives your smartphone an attractive appearance without compromising the original color and above all its protection.

    How to protect your Google Pixel 6a | Avoid Falls

    The neck strap is the ideal device to help you protect your phone from falls and shocks. Made from a comfortable, stretchy material, this neck warmer is lightweight and easy to use. It is also machine washable for extra comfort. In addition, this smart accessory is ideal for everyday use!

    How to protect your Google Pixel 6a | Avoid Falls
    • Ease of use : A smartphone neck strap is easy to use and does not require complicated installation. Just wrap it around your neck and slip your phone in.
    • Increased security: A smartphone neck strap keeps your phone securely around your neck, reducing the chance of accidental drops.
    • Freedom of movement : With a smartphone neck strap, you can use your phone without holding it, allowing you to keep your hands free for other tasks.
    • Access facility : A smartphone neck strap allows easy access to your phone, you can easily take photos or watch a video without having to take it out of your pocket or bag.
    • Comfortable to wear: A smartphone neck strap is usually made from comfortable materials, like soft fabric or leather shoulder strap, for comfortable wear throughout the day.

    How to protect your Google Pixel 6a | Improve Usage

    If you are concerned about the safety of your phone and its accessories, this reinforced charging cable is for you! Not only does it protect your phone from short circuits, but it also protects your computer or laptop from overcharging.

    How to protect your Google Pixel 6a | Improve Usage
    • Increased durability: The reinforced charging cable is made from stronger materials, such as nylon fiber, which makes them more resistant to strains and twists, reducing the risk of breakage.
    • Resistance to friction and scratches: It is covered with a friction and scratch resistant material, which reduces the risk of damage to the cable.
    • Overheat protection: The reinforced charging cable is designed to provide better protection against overheating, which reduces the risk of damaging your phone or computer.
    • Flexible design: It is easier to use and store with its flexible design.
    • Long life expectancy : Reinforced charging cables generally have a longer lifespan than standard cables, allowing them to be used longer and avoiding frequent replacement costs.
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