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Où se faire poser un film hydrogel ?

Where to have a hydrogel film applied?

Protect your screen without breaking the bank with

Do you want to protect your screen with a hydrogel film but don't know where to put it? Look no further, is here for you! You don't need to spend a fortune to benefit from the next generation protection offered by our Protect Plus hydrogel film.

Videos for easy installation on our YouTube channel

On our YouTube channel , our team has put together several videos for you to choose the most suitable option for your convenience. Whether you opt for the transparent or anti-spyware version, you will find all the information necessary for an easy and successful installation.

A complete kit for professional installation

And to make your life even easier, we have created a complete installation kit including a squeegee and a silk cloth. You will be able to benefit from a professional installation without having to spend astronomical sums.

Do not leave your screen without protection, choose the Protect Plus hydrogel film and trust for an easy and successful installation.

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