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Protégez votre smartphone pliable avec notre film hydrogel nouvelle génération

Protect your foldable smartphone with our new generation hydrogel film

Optimal protection for your foldable smartphone

Our protect plus hydrogel film offers optimal protection against scratches, cracks and other damage for your foldable smartphone. Thanks to our brand new technology, you can now apply the hydrogel film in one go, without having to cut it in two parts like the old generations of film. You can protect your foldable smartphone with ease and confidence.

Quick and easy installation

Our next-generation hydrogel film fits easily on your foldable smartphone. With our advanced technology, you will no longer have difficulty installing your film. You can apply the film in one go, without leaving any bubbles or unsightly marks. You will no longer have to worry about applying your hydrogel film, it will be done the same way as on an ordinary smartphone.

Perfect addition to your protective case

For maximum protection of your foldable smartphone, we always recommend using a protective case in addition to your hydrogel film. Together they offer optimal protection against bumps, scratches and cracks. Now you can use your foldable smartphone with confidence, without having to worry about potential damage.

Beware of the Anti-Spy model

Please note that our Anti-Spy model is not compatible with the foldable smartphone model. However, our protect plus hydrogel film is compatible with all other smartphone models. For optimal protection of your foldable smartphone, opt for our new generation hydrogel film.

Protect your foldable smartphone with our new generation hydrogel film and enjoy optimal protection and an improved user experience.

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