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Huawei P40

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Film Hydrogel Protect Plus: Before *


Easy to apply

  • The application of the hydrogel film is effortless! Simply wipe your screen to remove fingerprints and smudges, position the protective film facing the upper speakers, and slide your credit card or loyalty card over your screen to apply the hydrogel protector. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE INSTALLATION VIDEO


  • The hydrogel film is a new technology resulting from a mixture of water with polymers, which makes it very resistant, even unbreakable by offering it an increased shock absorption capacity in the event of falls.


  • Its hydrogel composition allows it to regenerate automatically to avoid marks in the event of scratches, which will offer your smartphone the best protection.


  • With incredible thinness and remarkable transparency, this unbreakable film adapts perfectly to the curves and angles of screens as well as to back covers for full protection and more pleasant use thanks to its supple and silky texture that is unrivaled in other existing protections on the market.

  • Unique ability that differentiates it from other protections in tempered glass, flexible plastic..., that of "repairing itself". Have you scratched your hydrogel film? Give it a few moments and the movie will regenerate itself.


  • Its thinness allows it to be practically invisible on the screen, therefore the feeling of touch and the rendering of colors is not altered.


  • Its side self-repairing allows it to make scratches disappear (of course we are talking about light scratches here…) and the fact that Its unbreakability gives it a very good lifespan compared to tempered glass which will tend to degrade over time.


  • Cut to measure to perfectly fit the curves of the device, and can be applied to the front as well as the back.

Verre trempé cassé film hydrogel meilleur protection

  • A tempered glass is much thicker, scratches and breaks like a screen.