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Glass Hydrogel | Best Screen Protector 2023

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Model: iPhone 14 Pro Max

Hydrogel Glass is the next generation of tempered glass, designed to be the closest thing to a hydrogel film, this glass provides full screen protection. It is 2X thinner than ordinary tempered glass and more scratch resistant, which allows it to achieve a high level of touch sensitivity on any type of device.

Protect Plus tempered glass | Screen Protector 2023

You want to protect your phone, but you don't want to compromise its appearance. Our screen protector is there for that. Made from ultra-high strength reinforced glass, it's the toughest screen protector in the world.

Why put a Hydrogel Glass

Protect your investment with this tempered glass protector, which is nearly impossible to break. The glass features a layer of real glass (not plastic) that is ultrasonically bonded to your touchscreen and exceeds industry standards for hardness. It is therefore impossible for it to break or break in the event of a fall.

Protect Plus tempered glass | Screen Protector 2023

This glass screen protector, ultra resistant and anti scratch. Also protects your smartphone screen against breakage. It is twice as thin as conventional tempered glass, which allows fluid and stress-free use.

What is the best protective film?

We only use the best materials to manufacture our tempered glass products. These 9H hardness tempered glass protectors are up to 80% stronger than regular glass, meaning they're better able to withstand accidental drops and high-impact drops.
This glass is made up of five layers, each having a different role. The first layer, the PET or PETG, serves to hold all the components together and give strength to the structure. The second layer is a silicone adhesive coating which prevents the film from sticking to itself and facilitates its installation if necessary. The third layer is made of a special glass wool that protects against shocks without distorting the image; the last two layers are protective films.
Our tempered glass screen protector is made with the very latest in screen protection technology, capable of absorbing almost all types of impact, including sharp objects and drops up to 1.6 meters. It is twice as strong as ordinary glass. This means it can withstand heavy impact and ensure your phone is safe.